Eiron Foyer Biography


Eiron [ Pronounced like ‘ Aaron ‘ ] Foyer [ Pronounced like ‘ Lawyer‘ ]  was educated at Winchester in 1947 – 1952, and later at Cork Polytechnic where he obtained a double first in psychopharmacology. After a short spell in Equatorial New Guinea, he returned to Ireland where, making use of a substantial family inheritance, he founded a company specialising in tropical greenhouses .

It was during this time he started his lifelong passion for viniculture. He also began his career as journalist, travelling extensively, visiting restaurants, and writing regular columns for the food supplement of the much-missed ‘Cork Examiner’.

Sadly in the 1980’s Eiron suffered a psychological breakdown. It was not, as some have insinuated, in any way attributable to an addiction to absinthe, artemesia, or any of its derivatives.

Now, almost fully recovered, Eiron writes the Eiron’s Archives column for Really Magazine, and also restores wax Edison cylinders.

Eiron is a founder member of CaCL(uk), and chairman of CaFAA(uk). He lives in Andorra with his two companions.