Eiron’s Acadamese Quiz

Guess these famous song titles written in ‘Academese’
( the scholarly language favoured by authors of academic papers )

[ Hint: Hover or tap the link for the original song title ]


• Extreme persistence of Fragaria × ananassa in agrarian environments
Strawberry Fields Forever

• Perceived auto-predictions of nocturnal airborne relocations
(I can feel it, comin’) In the air tonight

• Unilateral intention denial in prospective romantic dyads
It Ain’t Me Babe

• Composition(s) of the oneiric glycome
Sweet dreams are made of this

• Effects of threnodic air vortices on legacy hydrocarbon-based photon sources
Candle in the wind

• Agitation-induced colloidisation in lactic beverages

• Nonce-based electromagnetic media transmissivity
Radio Ga Ga

• Above-surface insular manifestations in small-scale fluvial watercourses
Islands in the stream

• Requests for rapid self-sustaining oxidation initiations
Light my fire

• Currency of aeolian-powered nautical excursions
I am sailing

• Atmospheric co-incidences of Australopithecus afarensis
Lucy in the sky with diamonds

• Linking nascency and rapid bipedal locomotion in humans
Born to run

• Observational pragmatics moderate recent quotidian temporality perceptions

• Achromic luminosity enhancement
Whiter shade of pale

• Short wavelength visual spectra reflectivity in footwear constructs
Blue suede shoes

• Large scale quantized elevation devices in western religious divinity paradigms
Stairway to heaven

• Extreme atypical gravitational effects on atmospheric encompassments

• Hydraulic pressure increments in sucrose-based fruit preserves
Pump up the jam

• Intentionality in high inertia pendular architectural demolition apparatus
Wrecking ball

• Episodic nocturnal febrility
Night fever

• Architectural support solutions mitigate large-scale aquatic turbidity
Bridge over troubled water

• Unreliability of personal expectation outcomes
You can’t always get what you want

• Persistent non-conclusive personal decision-making dilemma
I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself

• Social quotidianism in humans
Common people

• Locating tridimensional spatial co-ordinates in atmospherically generated photonic diffraction spectra
Somewhere over the rainbow

• Requests for non sedentary personal proximity enhancement
Stand by me

• Auditory reception of linguistic data-transmission via genus Vitis
I heard it through the grapevine

• Notions of subdermal ownership in human conspecifics
I’ve got you under my skin

• Spontaneous rhythmic(al) corporeal manifestations in carceral space
Jailhouse rock

• Consistent reproducibility of corneal irritation by nanoscale airborne particulate combustion products
Smoke gets in your eyes

• Enigmatic ineffability in romantic dyads

• Egocentric assertions of haptic intangiblity
Caint touch this

• Ludic inevitability in the psyche
Mind games

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