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It would, however be considered illegal in some parts of the world, so I would definitely not recommend such a course of action.

Good luck with your pension. By the way, I may be able to get you membership at my club – but you’ll need two referees. As I sympathise greatly with your predicament, I shall be happy to personally vouch for you. But you will need one more . Do you know Baron Lipzvitch ?

Dear Vuwww_replica

I do aplogose in advance for theis post. I heve yesterda beenexperimenting with a neurol0gical chenical whci I have bee extreracting fro m the swimm bladders of the pufferifsh. I hve nto yet fully recobvered as you may be ab;le to detmine from the unususa nay=ture of this entry.

In anmwser to your quseion, I should not worry yourself unduly aout the efects of solar radiation in temperate lattitudes. But if you are ever outdoors at nightime, in say, Cuba, and see a spectacular display of the Aruora Borealis, head insied immediately. It will be a sign tha the Earths electromagnetic poles have collapsed. ( It is certain to happen at some time during te next 1000 years. )

A;lternative;y, you could wrap yourself in aluminu cooking foil at all times whilst outside the house – this will give a leasst some measure of protection frm mild solar storms.

[ The quality of the column suffers with posts like this. Aren’t you getting a bit old for that kind of thing ? Ed. ]


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