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If I were you I wouldn’t concern yourself ovally.

[ Are you still taking the medication ? ring me , we can sort it out. Ed. ]

Dear troutstream48

As soon as I saw your postscript ‘Manners Makyth Man ’ I knew that we would share common intellectual ground ! So let us get the technical trivialities out of the way before we proceed.

Yes, the outer husk of the cashew nut is indeed poisonous. The nut inside is not of course, although some people can show severe allergic reactions to it. The fruit itself, which is, very unusually, attached underneath the nut’s husk, is edible, and contains large quantities of vitamin C. Some people simply adore its flavour – personally though, I find it somewhat acrid.

Now, if I may suggest, have you considered an offshore account in Andorra ? It may well suit your needs. You could perhaps set up a so called ‘letter-box’ company to act as a subsidiary to your UK interests. If skilfully managed, you should find that your exposure to H.M.’s I.R. is substantially minimised – if not entirely eliminated !

If you care to contact me again I can put you in touch with my cousin, who has just married one of the Urgel bunch ! He knows all about this kind of thing.

[ A, stick to sci/tech please, Ed. ]


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